Today is the big day, and I'm joining you for the start of the day, for the preparations (hair, makeup, etc). To the best I can, I try to be like a fly on the wall, as little intrusive as possible, so that you can fully enjoy the moment with your friends and family.

I like smiles to be natural, facial expressions to be candid. This is why I like to work this way, from a little distance.

If the preparations of the bride and the groom cannot be shot only by me, for logistical reasons, I would have another experienced Photographer to cover for me. However, for consistency reasons, all the shots would then be edited by me.

As the light is fading to what is called the ''magic hour'', I will be taking you away for a few minutes to get a few shots in the golden light (location and weather permitting of course), playing together with the environment at our reach, making the most of the landscapes around us.

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