My name is Franck Gazzola, and I am a French-born Sydney-based wedding photographer, AIPP Accredited (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

Wedding photography not just about freezing a moment, but also about capturing the vibe of this special day, through the emotions of the couple of course, but also through the venue, the decoration details, ...all those little things that make a wedding a very personal moment. All the efforts you are putting into making this day unique for you and your guests should be reflected in your shots. Not two weddings are the same, and therefore, pictures should capture the uniqueness of that day.

I want the shots to look natural, refreshing and candid. Spontaneity is by far the most beautiful feature in a wedding picture.

I am based in Sydney, but I travel a lot in Australia & internationally to shoot weddings (Italy, Spain, France, etc.). Speaking a few languages makes it easy for me to deal with an international crowd and/or in an overseas location.

How do I intend to work with you ? Have a look here: before, during, after...and then trashing the dress !

Beyond weddings, my photographic work takes me travelling a lot, shooting seascapes, landscapes & extreme adventure expeditions. I bring this experience back into my wedding photography, reading the available environment & using the available light to create original compositions.

I am also the Owner | Lead Photographer of the Frothers Gallery, a global collective photographer of Adventure, Ocean & Surf Photographers. You can have a look at what we do on

For more information on my other works, you can also visit Feel free to get in touch.

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